David M. Bradshaw

Phoenix, Arizona


Communicating the vision, product or service of my clients via innovative marketing strategies that will expand market share using multimedia.

David is the senior spokesperson for Swiss America Trading Corporation, the largest privately held tangible assets firm marketing precious metals.

David has been the editor of Swiss America's "Real Money Perspectives" print and online daily newsletter and podcast as well as an economic commentator since 1987, discussing the stock market, foreign trade, precious metals, financial trends and the overall economy.

Over the last 20 years Mr. Bradshaw's publishing company "Idea Factory Press" has published several books on topics such as; gold, banking safety and monetary history.

In 2013, Mr. Bradshaw's passion to help fellow baby boomers get "re-inspired" to pursue an encore career of giving back to the community, via public service and mentoring, prompted him to launch Primelifers.org an educational website. The site features inspirational book reviews and links to resources to help boomers better navigate their second half of life.

Mr. Bradshaw resides in Fountain Hills, Arizona and is the father of four daughters and grandfather of ten. In his spare time, he likes volunteering with Hospice of the Valley and Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Teen Center, where he shares his passion for helping seniors and teens to bridge important life passages.

Thanksgiving 2020 Reflections

2020 has been a year of metamorphosis for humanity.

For millions, the puzzle pieces of their life have become jumbled amid the 2020 pandemic.

For some, the picture they had of their life, envisioned on the puzzle box cover, is no longer recognizable. A new image may be needed to help to fit these disunited parts back together into a new whole.

Everything from politics... to employment... to personal relationships has been shaken, rattled and rolled so that what remains can hopefully rest upon a firmer foundation.

True spiritual direction is needed. Thankfully, today wisdom traditions are gradually converging to form a beautiful spiritual tapestry which reflects unity on the essentials, diversity on the non-essentials, and love in all things.

In my second half of life I've increasingly concluded that all spirituality boils down to one simple truism; "Love God, Love Your Neighbor". This universal "Golden Rule" serves as the practical foundation of every wisdom tradition on earth.

We each are a unique embodiment of this Love. If we can simply discover how to stay plugged into the Source of this Pure Love, our life could suddenly become more joy-full, peace-full and bliss-full.

This year I decided to invest a portion of my spare time into to publishing my first book: Blissfull Books & Ballads: Heart-Stirring Reviews & Songs Inspired By Classic Spiritual Books (Paperback: $7.95, E-Pub: 5.95, 11/20, Idea Factory Press).


This new book features reviews of ten classic spiritual books written by very wise authors representing several spiritual traditions. Imagine what you might learn by tapping into over 500 years of combined wisdom - and hundreds of spiritual and practical truisms - all in one concise 110-page book!

In addition to combining these transformational book reviews, I also felt inspired to compose a song which further distills the essential truths extracted from each book author, which will be available on a companion audio CD (Blissfull Ballads) by Christmas 2020 ($5.95, 1/21, Idea Factory Press).

The goal of these educational resources is to help readers and listeners embrace 2021 with a fresh, hope-filled re-visioning of their life... and our world... and to open new doors of growth by studying these authors and their inspiring books.

My gift to YOU this holiday season: A FREE PDF of Blissfull Books & Ballads which can be downloaded at THIS LINK. If you find this book helpful, please drop my a note at: ideaman@myideafactory.net.

With much gratitude,
David M. Bradshaw
My Idea Factory

Thanksgiving 2019 Reflections

collage2 As 2019 winds down... and 2020 winds up... This past year is full of good family memories... from football games... to dance shows... to water parks... to concerts... to zip lining... life together is good! My mantra this year is: 'It's ALL good - in the present moment - even if it's NOT!' - which reflects the truth that life is about learning how to live above our circumstances. Life is about saying "Yes" to loving each other, our neighbors and even our enemies more day-by day and year-by-year!

Yes! I'm thankful for my family - Having youngest daughter Braida back in our lives this year has been a huge blessing. After a three and a half year interruption, I see more clearly why absence really does make the heart grow fonder. This is also true of beloved family members no longer with us, such as my mother Virginia and oldest grandson Cole. Somehow, by the miracle of grace, we grow to love those no longer with us more day-by-day. May I learn to practice daily being more present to the needs and the dreams of my wonderful family!

Yes! I'm thankful for my work - 'If you enjoy your job, you never really work a day of your life,' as the old saying goes. This is true for me. Each day begins as a blank computer screen, awaiting the inspiration of emerging economic trends worthy to be shared with Swiss America readers at swissamerica.com. 2020 will mark my 33rd year of doing my best to explain why physical gold and silver are real money and everything else is a money substitute. The Swiss America family has grown and changed a lot over the decades, but their commitment to excellence remains constant.

Yes! I'm thankful for a growing circle of mentors - We all need people in our life to help point us toward what really matters and is most valuable to pass on to the next generation. This year I have been blessed to learn from many gifted authors and mystics such as; Richard Rohr, Barbara Brown Taylor, Parker J. Palmer, Matthew Fox, Henri Nouwen, Eckart Tolle, Rami Shapiro, Ken Wilbur, Annie Dillard, Phyllis Tickle, Brene Brown, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Chip Conley... and more - which I often attempt to pass on to others via book reviews and song lyrics posted at myideafactory.net.

Yes! 2020 promises to be a year full of big changes... perhaps even a crossover moment in history! "Only within the confines of our own hearts is the strength of the link between religion and politics that will determine the quality of our politics and the authenticity of our religion," writes Joan Chittister in 'The Time is Now: An Uncommon Courage'. Put another way, "It is a spiritual journey which connects us intrinsically to the presence of God, whose love yearns to save and transform the world." -Wes Granberg-Michaelson, 'From Mysticism to Politics'. [quotes are from cac.org daily devotionals 2019]. I feel strongly that in 2020 we are on the brink of something... great! - God Bless!